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Hope & Heroes Announces $12.5M Philanthropic Support to Columbia University’s Medical Center

Hope & Heroes is proud to announce a philanthropic commitment of $12.5 million to Columbia University Irving Medical Center. This historic gift will endow and name the Division of Hematology, Oncology, and Stem Cell Transplantation within the Department of Pediatrics, allowing Columbia to continue its work in the field of pediatric cancer care and research, and help lead the way for further discoveries in the years to come.  

Hope & Heroes has also made possible at Columbia groundbreaking programs like the Initiative for Drug Delivery Innovation (IDDI) which is developing novel approaches to improve the treatment and outcomes of brain tumors through innovative drug-delivery methods, as well as the International Initiative for Pediatrics and Nutrition (IIPAN) which focuses on nutrition interventions in pediatric illness prevention and is currently operational in 18 developing countries around the world. 

The funding provided by Hope & Heroes enables programs like these to do transformative work in the field of pediatric oncology and to enhance our understanding of how to better care for and treat children who face serious illnesses.

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