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Coming Full Circle

In 2009, Carol was rushed to Columbia. The test results from her pediatrician showed something was seriously wrong. A few days later, it was confirmed. She had Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Carol was only 17.

For months, she was misdiagnosed by another doctor, causing her disease to progress to life-threatening levels. Thanks to the proper diagnosis by Columbia’s medical staff, her treatment started immediately. Carol underwent chemotherapy for eight months.

Carol credits the doctors and nurses at Columbia for treating her cancer and saving her life. The addition of alternative medicines, like massages, aromatherapy, and writing therapy, helped her cope with the physical pain of her treatments. Hope & Heroes offers complementary medicines and integrative therapies as part of our patient’s care – free of charge.

Carol remembers Hope & Heroes giving her purpose during her cancer journey:

“Through Hope & Heroes, I connected with fellow cancer patients, survivors, and groups like the Silver Lining Society. I was inspired to let down my wig and expose my true self – bald, bold, and beautiful! I didn’t have to feel like a sick cancer patient all the time; instead, I felt like a human being with a full life to live.”

Carol’s journey is nothing short of amazing. She’s been in remission since 2010 and thriving. When not hanging out with her sweet puppy Buddy, Carol enjoys reading, writing, snowboarding, and traveling. From her involvement in the inaugural years of the Hope & Heroes Walk (raising close to $30,000) to being a guest speaker at our young professionals gala, Carol remains connected and committed to Hope & Heroes:

“Thanks to Hope & Heroes, I met people who will forever sit close to my heart. I was able to find the inspiration to live my life as a cancer patient and now a cancer survivor!”

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